3D Crystals: An Elegant Gift For Your Loved One

3D Crystals are one of the hottest fashion items in the market today. Crystals have been used for centuries and for us it is a matter of personal choice if we want to use a 3D Crystal or a regular crystal photo frame. However, 3D Crystals are also used as an alternative to Crystal Picture Frames. These are also very much popular especially with women who want to wear or display something with a touch of sparkle and extra flavor.

3D Crystals

The good thing about using 3D Crystal items is that they are cheaper than a Crystal picture frame. But then again, not everything can be cheap these days. 3D Crystals are not made of simple crystal. They undergo several processing steps before they reach their final shape and size before they go to stores. During the processing, the crystal undergoes heating or cold treatment to change its structure from a rigid crystal to a flexible crystal. In the process of being stretched or relaxed, the crystal atoms are forced to move, thus creating the slight sparkling appearance that you see on some 3D Crystal products.

One of the most common products that you can find in the market with a 3D Crystal is the crystal picture cube. This particular type of crystal picture cube with an additional feature of light up features a light source that could either be LED bulbs or fluorescent light sources, which are placed inside the crystal. If you love to place a crystal picture on your desk or mantle, the best option for you is to use crystal heart shaped crystal hearts that are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

You can find a number of varieties of heart shaped crystal jewelry including the crystal heart pendant. A crystal heart pendant looks stunning on both males and females. The heart shape stands out beautifully on both the wearer’s chest and the necklace’s choker.

Many heart shaped crystal picture cubes are also available with LED lights that would look great on your desk or mantle. Another nice feature of these crystal picture cubes is the ability to program them so that they respond to specific events that happen in your life. The Crystal cubes are also very stylish and would complement any outfit. Because of its modern look, it would surely be a hit with women of today.

A heart shaped crystal image cube can come in various styles and designs. For example, it can be made with a frosted finish or be simply made in a transparent material. The crystal image cubes are typically hand crafted by artists so you are assured that the quality is outstanding. Some popular materials that are used to make the crystal image cubes are wood and glass. If you have been looking for a unique gift for someone special then a crystal image cube would be the perfect option.

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