Podiatry Clinics near you and How to Get the Best Care

Family Foot Clinic is a small podiatrist and clinic located in atrium in the back of a local shopping mall. It is not affiliated with any hospital or medical school. Many times if they do have a referral for you they will call your local family doctor for you. There is a small parking lot where you can enter to register and pay for services. The staff is very friendly and greet you when you enter and take their time in explaining what they do.

Foot Clinic: Family Foot Care specializes in providing medical attention for the whole family from pediatric orthopedics to geriatrics. Here are the common ailments seen in the podiatry practice: Heel and Arch Pain: This is usually caused by a lack of proper shock absorption of the foot during walking, which in turn tightens the Achilles tendon. Heel pain can be medicated or can be self-administered with a heating pad, a cold towel, or a heating pad and a cold bottle. Arch pain can be medicated or treated with a device such as a custom orthotic. Foot Clinic also has a Foot Clinic X-Ray department, where they can perform a quick exam of an ankle that appears to be fractured.

Bunions and Metatarsal Deformations: The most severe of foot malformations that can be treated or prevented are called bunion and metatarsal deformities. These deformities cause a bump on the front of the foot where the toe joins the foot. Bunions can be fixed through surgery, but often times this procedure is not covered by your insurance because it is considered cosmetic. Toe specialists at your local podiatrist will perform arthroscopic surgery, which will fix bunion deformities without surgery.

Stress Fractures: Stress fractures are caused by repeated jumping and running on hard surfaces. This causes microscopic cracks that result in sharp, stabbing pain. If you have foot pain, talk to your podiatrist at your local foot clinic. He can assess your condition and recommend the best way to treat your condition. He may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, which can help reduce swelling around the fracture site, or he might suggest that you use insoles to decrease the stress on your bones and prevent additional injury.

Foot Insole Injuries: A bunion is like a deep hammertoe, but it occurs on the outside of your foot. This type of bunion is more common among women than men and usually occurs as a result of too much walking on hard surfaces. The podiatrist at your foot clinic will usually take an x-ray of your foot to determine if you have a bunion, and if so, he can diagnose and treat you right then and there. He may also prescribe an oral orthotic to help reduce the stress fractures result in and improve the healing process.

Foot Injuries To The Foot: While it’s not technically a” Foot Clinic,” sometimes foot injuries require specialized treatment and the services of a foot doctor. If you get a big shock when wearing a certain type of shoe, for example, or experience sharp pain or tenderness when trying to stand up after sitting down, then you probably have plantar fasciitis. If you have it, your doctor can prescribe the appropriate inserts for your shoes or he can refer you to someone who can. He can also give you foot care instructions such as wearing compression socks and increasing the amount of time you rest between activities.

Foot Osteopath: Foot doctors don’t just diagnose and treat foot conditions. They also make sure you maintain good foot health by recommending a healthy diet and regular exercise. The two go hand-in-hand. Your feet need good nutrition and if you’re not getting it, your health will suffer. So your foot care and Podiatrist will work together to develop a comprehensive foot care program for you that includes eating right and keeping your feet healthy and fit through proper footwear and rehabilitation.

Whether you need to have spring surgery or just some simple arch support, you should be looking for a qualified and licensed podiatrist near you. A great place to start is your regular physician, but if that doesn’t work, you can ask around or go online to see if anyone has recommended a podiatrist they trust. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can get great care from a qualified professional.

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