How Can I Whiten Teeth Naturally?

Teeth Whitening or Teeth bleaching is basically the procedure of whitening the tooth color of humans. Teeth whitening can be done by either changing the color of the tooth itself, or by enhancing the color of the teeth to a certain level by bleaching them. Teeth can become stained over the years and this can happen due to smoking, drinking coffee and even through bad eating habits. One does not need to worry about losing one’s job as there are many people who are very successful in life with the help of this procedure. Teeth can also get discolored because of aging.

The first thing that is noticed after the teeth whitening procedure is that there will be some staining on the surface of the dentin. The staining of the dentin is caused due to the oxidization of the stains that are on the dentin due to the staining agents. There is a layer of dentin, which lies just beneath the enamel of the teeth and is called the pulp. This is made up of a substance called retinoid. This layer helps in protecting the enamel from being damaged. It also helps in the absorption of food into the oral cavity.

Due to the effects of food and drink upon the enamel of the teeth there is bound to be some stains which will remain on the dentin. These stains are not permanent but can only be removed through the use of bleaches and other teeth whitening methods. There are different methods available which are used for removing these stains. The main reason for tooth discoloration is because the enamel is continuously eroding because of the constant consumption of sugar in the form of candies, tea and coffee. These substances are difficult to digest and hence will cause a lot of damage to the teeth enamel over a period of time.

You can choose between in-office whitening and bleach-based tooth bleaches. Bleaches are the best teeth whitening product as they do not have any side effects associated with them. However if you have sensitive teeth then you may not want to use bleaches. If you cannot afford to buy the in-office whitening products then you can always resort to the bleaching toothpaste.

Teeth whitening strips are very popular nowadays. These products work in a very simple manner. You take the teeth whitening strips, apply them on the stained teeth for about 30 seconds and remove them after 10 minutes. This is a convenient method which works in a quick manner. Unlike the in-office whiteners, you don’t need to apply or swallow any of the hydrogen peroxide through the mouth.

Teeth whitening gels are the most effective in transforming the whitish color to a natural color. The whitening gels contain a combination of hydrogen peroxide and other bleaching agents. If you apply the gels regularly then you will achieve great results. If you don’t have time to apply these products, then you can always resort to the bleaching trays that contain bleaching agents. The trays can either be made of plastic or ceramic.

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